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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
I'm the same way! I put a screw through the belt loop on the holster to size it tight on my belt. I switched to a pistol belt as soon as I was sure back then what I would carry, I still wear it. It's way more convenient than having it on my pants belt, I got the UTG 'elite'() belt with the mag holders for $12. Those mag holders are just silly... It is a well made belt though.

I use a heavy duty hole punch made for leather and put chicago screws through the belt and anything that I want to stay put.,500

Bulletproof, even if the velcro opens on the backstrap of the holster, it'll stay on my belt.

It's alot nicer to be able to casually take a belt off without having everything slide to the center, much easier to put it back on as well.
The UTG belt I use has soft side velcro on it's inner face, I could stick hook side velcro to the straps of pouches and holster and anchor them that way, but I prefer my old way.

EDIT: I just looked at that Whiskey two four universal holster, hey that's sweet too, with a 45 degree molle adaptor you could put it anywhere.

That is an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing, I'd never have thought of that myself :P

I'm really leaning towards doing the hole punch thing, as it seems like the easiest way to get everything to work together and stay together haha
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