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Originally Posted by Joint Fury Balz View Post
With all due respect to the DIY players... (I'm building my own Kydex press, so I kinda understand, however)

...I don't understand all the weird mods people are doing to this gun.

Qloaders never made sense to me and a simple angle mount like this...
would solve the sight picture issues. A slight cant of the gun and you're golden grahams, no?
I'm sure the mags can handle a 45degree angle and I know a Rotor can...
Thats great for a regular sight or scope, but if you want to take full advantage of fs rounds, an adjustable riser is the way to go. If you canted one of those at 45 degrees, youd have to tilt the marker to compensate when firing with any sort of elevation adjustment. While this is a perfectly good solution, it can lead to inaccuracy at range if you dont have the marker tilted just right. It also can lead to your hopper sticking way out if youre not going pure magfed.

I agree the offset is probably the best solution. Actually ive found most my simple red dots and holos work on the rail with no modification required, even running hopper fed. Either this or an offset will be my setup for fs/hopper games, and my adj riser will only get used on magfed only play.

Try to keep in mind some of these crazy mods (mine included) are for the fun of the mod itself and to experiment with different configurations. Id say a good four out of five mod plans are never better than good old fashion solutions like your offset, but its still fun to tinker.
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