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This is the same exact holster as the CQB tactical, just branded differently. Here's the thread on this very forum: CQB Tiberius T8/8.1 Tactical Holster & Dbl Mag Holder

My understanding is that Romulus hadn't the ability to market them as effectively as he'd have liked and was sitting on surplus inventory hence the new brand. I think Tiberius is the right company to market this product. I hope Romulus made out ok.

The holster is plastic, I believe it to be ABS. In regards to durability I've not broken or damaged mine yet though I did have some concerns initially. Holstering and drawing requires very little thought or effort. Retention is excellent. I have observed residue on the barrel shroud/upper receiver of my pistols. Scratching might occur if some grit were embedded although I haven't had that happen yet. If you want your pistol to remain beautiful forever this product may not be right for you.

I own two(for the price of 1!). I really like mine, IMO it's THE best holster for a Tiberius pistol. Now you guys need to step up and make a lefty version.
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