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It's a sure thing and I love a sure thing. Good idea Nightstar, I do flame the edges to melt things together, but that would do a bangup job!

It does ride low in the tornado, my leather holsters ride higher but I've angled them to match. By angling the holsters you avoid any jab in the side from the long back end of the TPX. I'm able to keep them alot higher by angling them.:

It's a little tough to see the left pistol. I wear it crossdraw and it's angled so the grip runs right down the belt. This tilts the barrel in the back to keep it out of the dirt when I sit or roll over at prone.

The Tornado is high enough to work well on the ground though and it protects the muzzle better than my leather ones, which expose the muzzles on purpose, so I can load 12s in the holster.

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