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Extremely short barrels

So, as it turns out I probably need a tighter barrel for my Kaos Pump. I was looking at a 10 round tube and thinking, "wonder how that would look as a barrel." And I kinda lamely stuck in into the threads on my marker and liked how tight it made the whole set-up look and feel. Before this revelation, I planed to pick up a 14" .678 lurker, but now I am wondering about shorter barrels.
Who plays with them?
What do you like, what do you hate?
Is it dumb to throw a small barrel on my gun when using a 13/3k?
And finally is it worth my hard earned cash to pick up one instead of a Lurker?
oh and personal question: has anybody moved the barrel data that punk works has gathered from techpb to MCB?
Thanks in advance.
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