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Originally Posted by Marathon View Post
A few thoughts:
Consistency between shots is ok. The size of the reballs make it hard. Have you cosidered 677 or 675 freak inserts? Also ty mcneer here on mcb makes brass inserts that are 670 or smaller. Either of those options will improve the chrono numbers.
I just found out about ty mcneer making smaller inserts on Tuesday night, I just need to contact him to find out what he can do for me/how I can help him out financially. When this subject came up in another post (not sure which post it was) I went out to my garage and measured up a couple of my reballs and I was getting .6665-.670 and it was said he made .675 Brass ones so I was going to contact him and see if he made any smaller but now that you posted that he makes them smaller I'll have to contact him tonight! Thanks :tup:

Originally Posted by Marathon View Post
Why not respring to get a velocity of 300 - 310? Then you can use the stab to reduce pressure and velocity to feild legal speeds. My understanding of sterling is they are most effecient at an input pressure of around 550 psi. That should ensure lots of flexiablity ( indoor /outdoor). My 1/50th of a dollar.
After I bought a Spyder Spring kit, in order to tune my gun, I tried to spring it to get up to the speed to 300 so I could drop my input pressure down to 500-550 this was before I bought my RADARchron so I had to TRY to do it at my local field but the pump action was too stiff and uncomfortable. Now that I'm in "deep", making a chrono back stop, buying a chrono, buying reballs, and soon to purchase yet another Freak insert I'm going to mess with it more after I can get a correct paint/barrel match otherwise I'm just wasting air and annoying my neighbors.

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