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J&W Laser Engraveing

Were currently taking work,All questions should be PM'ed to JonT, he is the laser tech and can give you spot on answers, below is a price guide and some pic's of thing's we've done in the past. This is a small laser machine and we can't fit anything over 8 inches into the machine.
For more info PM me and I'll get with the laser tech.

Bring your own image, in black and white

Small Text both sides of marker

Small imiage both sides of marker
Image 1"sq $30.00*

Larger image are per sq in. both sides of marker
So basically every extra sq in. will be $30.00+(in. x $15.00)=price*

Multiable locations of the same image
Pricing listed above for 1st image and $10.00 fore each add. if no resizing needed.

Anything you want!
$150.00 this price includes all cost

TAS Dog Tags are also avaliable!!!
Tag and key chain $7.00
Tag and neckless $10.00
Custom dog tag 15.00
Dog tag colors
Black, metalic blue, red, green and silver

All other materials to be engraved will be on a per job quote.

*All pricing does not include a one time setup fee. they are as followed.
Text is $15.00
Image is $25.00

Only the part's to engraved should be sent. Not the whole gun.

Attachment 37230
This is a 99 cocker. The old, thick, hard anno is hard to laser. Also, that is my face :P
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Attachment 37232

Attachment 37233

Attachment 37234

Attachment 37235

Attachment 37236

Attachment 37237

Attachment 37238

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Become a gun whore.


It pays very well.

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