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So is the use of the term "DNA" just a euphemism for some kind of unique chemical with encoded information? I would assume that the object here is not to mutate the target.

Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
the london metropolitan police have been a generally non-firearm carrying force . . . part of that could be since they were formed damn near 200yrs ago when firearms were far more primitive. The Bobbies (or Peelers) have traditionally carried a whistle and a truncheon. they do have firearms, just not every constable carrying them

there is a LOT of history to delve into in regards to all this. suffice to say, Robert Peel and his Peelian Principles made a big mark.
I'm not sure I understand the logic behind British LEO gun-carrying policies.
Last time I was at Gatwick it seemed like there would be a group of 3-4 police officers walking in a group. All of them would be unarmed... except for one dude with an MP5A3.
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