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Originally Posted by DJmatt123 View Post
Ok, so I must be crazy and imagined that there are a lot of other members who are very eager for Dye to come out with a box mag. I've built the equivalent of a box mag with no batteries required, a faster load rate than any other loader I'm aware of, quick reloads, and the ability to still have one side of the mag loaded with FS's.

It may not be an off the shelf accessory that Dye has out, but it is very similar to what the rumors are of them coming out with. Maybe it will even give them some ideas such as being able to flip the box around and have a row of FS's available. Or maybe they will hurry up a little and get the box mags and air-in-stocks out a little quicker. I've got videos of it working well and I'm not saying it's for everyone, but there seems to be some interest in it. I'm not the only one who likes to make my equipment work for my style as best as possible and not settle for something that's "perfectly fine out of the box".
I would love to see it! pictures or videos. I also am making my own box mag, but have it on hold for a little while, got other stuff on my bench now.
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