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Originally Posted by Manning View Post
Sorry for your loss. Dogs are a big part of a family.
Thanks! And thanks to all for good thoughts. It's an inescapable part of the yin and yang of life. Or as my grandpa told me when I was a little fella, "It ain't a what, It's a when, Rob.".

I cut the leather for my new holsters today. I saved the stencils I had made, so they'll be the same as my green ones except for being black. When I made my first ones I first ordered a 'how to make holsters' book. It was pretty much a pamphlet. I secure it with the chicago screws instead of sewing it so it's easier to hose paint out of, so it takes less than 2 hours per holster.
I have the belt, I'll get the black 6o4 pouches from Emdom after westminster. The green ones are still like new.

One of the addons I have is 2 of the maxpedition mini rolypoly dump pouches. These are a great size for TiPX mags and fold up tiny. The gaps in the back of my belt between mag pouches and the 2 pistols are situated perfectly right above the oversized back pockets. I slide my hand with an empty mag between the pouch and holster and the edge of the pocket is just below the bottom of the mag pouch. 3 wide, 2 deep will stand up in the pocket, 4 more can be laid in sideways above. With 6 stood up in the pockets, they're fully down on the backs of my thighs. I can ground sit or roll side to side without thinking about them a bit.
For full-on Alamo type runs, like the Day of the Rangers game, I toss a minipoly into each gap on my belt and grab and load my 20 mag/10 12g bandoleer, elapsed time less than 5 minutes. I simply fill the pants pocket then open the dump pouch over it. Yes, for those counting that's 46 mags total.
For alamo runs with support, where I may have cover at least for a while or longer defenses, I add the $10 beer can belt, which can hold 6 pistol pods and 20 12gs. This can either load a whopping 42 mags for me or give a teammate 294 rds in 49rd flip top pods depending on who's doing all the work.

Speaking of work... I guess my break is over!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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