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DBD/WTF SC pouches


So I want a Multicam Joyride harness...

For Trade...or for sale so I can buy the harness... I have

3 Multicam DBD/WTF Stock class MOLLE pouches. They hold 6 tubes each, either capped or cappless.

They have been used but they are still in good shape. Call them 8/10.
The Elastic is still really strong.
I will wash them before I ship them.

Original sales thread

I would like to trade all three for a Multicam Joyride harness Or sell for $18 each, or $45 for all three PLUS shipping.

Next I have a Tymcneer Brass freak insert size 0.675. $25 + Shipping SOLD

Last I have a Milsim Barrel shroud for an A5 or BT-4. Made by Metadyne, it has a scratch as seen in the photo. All Metal. $25 + Shipping SOLD

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