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Gun for getting back into speedball?

Im going to take a year off between my undergrad and postgrad stuff so i can actually have a social life and travel and whatnot, so im just starting to look into whats out there for eguns. Im planning on playing weekly, though i dont actually know if ill get into the tourny scene again so im not looking to go all out with my gun choice.

I used to have a shocker nxt and i loved it. Very few problems, seemed to be able to shoot through the rare chops quite well, however i wasnt a fan of the fact that it was a closedbolt come cleaning time. They seem to be readily available for around $200-300 now, but ive been out of the speedball scene for over 5 years now and things seem to have progressed quite a bit. While $200 is very cheap for an egun, im not super stoked on the fact that a) i wouldnt have a warranty and b) smart parts isnt even around anymore. While the former would be an issue with any secondhand gun, its the latter that particularly irks me

The other gun i was interested in is an etek4. The etek1 was just coming onto the scene when i left and those look like theyve come quite a ways too.

Can anyone give me suggestions for a price range under $700? I never liked the invert minis and that empire axe looks quite similar (though i could be completely wrong and havnt really done any research on them).
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