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its a tough choice between a good mask(to prevent fogging) and knee/shin/-elbow/forearm pads.

I would wear old school hard style knee pads sometimes but that was about it.
With new elbow pads and knee/shin pads I can play a lot more aggressive and dont worry as much about bashing into things or just "superman-ing"

Playing pistol without pads is just insane to me now. I would need to visit the hospital after a weekend of play now just to make sure everything is still a-ok.
I have "bad spots" on my legs/arms I probably fractured many bones but never bothered to get an X-ray.

Originally Posted by sQuidvision View Post
A level 10 mag. Damn tippmanns!
LMAO oh dont get me wrong thats up there too.

Have yet to put my mag up for a real good game but tippmanns were such a money pit over and over again to achieve nothing more then a "look"


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