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No question is a dumb question. "Laser eyes" are a branding name for break beam eyes that are visible to us in the color spectrum. The alternative is IR based emmitters (infra red). We cannot see those.

There is no difference betweent he two. None is better. They are both led based emmitters. The sensor is identical. Heck, reflective eyes are the same as break beam eyes. They just use a different logic to sense a ball. The "laser" is just a marketing gimmik and is totally inaccurate.

People also say that you can see if something can go wrong with eyes in the visible spectrum ("laser eyes"). This is misleading as 99% of the time, it is the detector that is at fault, NOT the emmitter. Therefore seeing the light emmitted might give you a false sense that everything is fine with the eyes when in fact it is not.

I would not "upgrade". Just get whatever is cheapest. Ive had the same set of eyes on my ion (break beam), and have been using halo eye detectors (reflective) to repair the ions when they fail. Just solder them in and your good.

Hope this helps.

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