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Originally Posted by TheJoelteon View Post
Im going to take a year off between my undergrad and postgrad stuff so i can actually have a social life and travel and whatnot, so im just starting to look into whats out there for eguns. Im planning on playing weekly, though i dont actually know if ill get into the tourny scene again so im not looking to go all out with my gun choice.

I used to have a shocker nxt and i loved it. Very few problems, seemed to be able to shoot through the rare chops quite well, however i wasnt a fan of the fact that it was a closedbolt come cleaning time. They seem to be readily available for around $200-300 now, but ive been out of the speedball scene for over 5 years now and things seem to have progressed quite a bit. While $200 is very cheap for an egun, im not super stoked on the fact that a) i wouldnt have a warranty and b) smart parts isnt even around anymore. While the former would be an issue with any secondhand gun, its the latter that particularly irks me

The other gun i was interested in is an etek4. The etek1 was just coming onto the scene when i left and those look like theyve come quite a ways too.

Can anyone give me suggestions for a price range under $700? I never liked the invert minis and that empire axe looks quite similar (though i could be completely wrong and havnt really done any research on them).

For under $700, you could easily pick up a good condition Ego11. However, if you have to get new, then the Etek and Axe would both be great choices. Personally, I would go with Planet Eclipse as I am a professed fan boy of them. However, your best bet is to just go to the field and ask people to shoot the markers you are interested in.

Furthermore, I'd like to point out that while the Shocker won't see support from SP/GoG anymore, there are still a lot of die hard Shocker owners out there. The Shocker forum on PBN is full of knowledgable, and friendly people. I recently picked up a Shocker as a back up for my Ego8 and got on there... Some of the best help I've received ever. I've even had people offer to send me gun parts such as frames, triggers, etc... So that I can try them out before I buy. Pretty cool.

My biggest problem so far is that I'm finding myself already upgrading the marker the marker after having not played with it at all. While it did come with an HE engine, I just couldn't resist ordering the legendary Eigenbolt.

P.S. The NXT is not a closed bolt marker.
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