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Thinking out loud: How much cash should you have at home?

Here's a thought... How much physical cash should you keep at home? I got thinking about this when our power went down a while back. Ice storm, no power, no ATM's, no cash.

Stores had stuff to sell, but no machines for taking debit cards. (generators for power, but the lines were down so no point of sale purchases being made).

And the ATM's that WERE working, were out of cash due to everyone taking out what they could when they could.

Most of the younger generations just don't carry cash. I'm one of them. I rarely have cash on me, but having a bit at home for emergencies is probably a good idea.

Heck even ATM's limit the amount you can take out in a day.

So right now every month I'm taking a little bit out and putting it in my safe. I'm not sure how much to actually put aside, but I figured starting it is the right way to go about it.
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