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Originally Posted by GoatBoy View Post
If you cant the gun to the right to use that sight, what happens to everything left of the barrel?
Actually, if I were to run a DAM... I'd just have the sight mounted square on top. I shoot with both eyes open anyway. If your referring to the loader sticking out... if not your loader next to the sight, than your head behind it. Something is gonna be there to get hit. If your analyzing your profile by that slim a margin... I've got nothing for you.

Originally Posted by Admanobrien View Post
Thats great for a regular sight or scope, but if you want to take full advantage of fs rounds, an adjustable riser is the way to go. If you canted one of those at 45 degrees, youd have to tilt the marker to compensate when firing with any sort of elevation adjustment. While this is a perfectly good solution, it can lead to inaccuracy at range if you dont have the marker tilted just right. It also can lead to your hopper sticking way out if youre not going pure magfed.
Why not just aim high? Aim at the head for a chest shot, etc...

I mean, if these projects are just to satisfy that tinkerer need, I get it. It just seems like you're trying to reinvent the wheel.
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