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Hey guys...just a update...we're working with Giant to lock this down...numbers numbers numbers. The more we have that have said YES the better chance we have to get decent pricing (a few of you have also offered to help in that regard to THANK YOU). We're working with Jamal if you want to show your support and you have worked with him before. We have a guy from the OC Meetup Group that used to promote Giant in a paintball magazine he worked for and STREAKER has relationships as well through his efforts with BOMAGS. I also have another private event we're doing the following week at HSP (which is also Giant obviously) so STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. Economy has not been great (obviously) and the season got off to a slow start. However, things have picked up (our friends at local stores tell us) and we have been either bringing them or partnering to bring them people at about two events a month currently. Together we've been REALLY not only helping Giant but helping the sport I think...(which has been my goal with retread paintball) and I believe is something that many of us have been working to do on our own so pulling our community together is only benefiting everyone. From field owners, to shops, to hot dog sales!

Anyway, enough is the list I have compiled both from Henchman's initial post, this thread through around 5pm PST today plus the people that have said yes on the meetup group sites so far. Please confirm I have you listed accurately or if I have left anyone out or that since the date was announced you have been able to say yea or nea now.

Conserve and COnquer

Combined from Henchman's Orig list + thread through 5pm 1/28/13 on MCarterbrown

Retread - Yes + 1
henchman - yes - aka idea man for this event
Streaker - Yes + 5 from BOMAGS ? (also props for flyers/graphics and BOMAGS support)
Panda - yes (also came up with the name for the event! free bouncing betty!)
Metalmover - yes + 2
Stimpy - Strong Maybe
ScreamingCriket - Yes
m1yeh - yes
matteekay - yes
Bored383 - yes
rschoi_75 - yes
river031403 - tentative yes (for now) + 1
GMAN1 - Yes + 3 guests
bacci paintball - Tentative yes + 2?
Anaml - yes +1
Stitch - yes
FrankW - yes
Wanderlustre - Tentative yes plus tentative + 2
Taminator2000 - yes
sniper42 - yes + 1
Festa - yes
RatFink - yes
Redrumlive999 - yes +1
Bigbthebenji - yes
Anami - yes + 1

From Meetup (not sure if these are duplicates of MCarterbrown folks)
Roberto Mancilla
Rey Sandoval
Isaac Yanez
Giancarlo (John) Fiorani

Total = 49
Retread Paintball
LA Paintball Meetup
OC Paintball Meetup
autocockers rock!
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