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Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
Please use this thread to share favorite tactics with pistol/pistols and how you advantage this style of setup in game. I'm looking for tips about rec play and also longer formats like rec days.
I'd start about hardware:
Are you using twelvies or constant air?
Do you have enough spare mags?
On the TiPX, I'd recommand 2 things:
  1. Chamfer and polish the breech (where the balls leave the magazine)
  2. find a good barrel (stock one is not so bad, but could be way better)

You may experience problems with the regulator (it starts to go "squeaky"), in that case, I'd strongly recommand considering the use of constant air: solves the problem and gives velocity consistency, thus enhancing accuracy.

Not sure about what you call "rec play", but if you're going tactical, some smoke 'nades could become quite handy!

Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
Here's what I've been doing so far:
I try to move fast and get farther up the field than I would have otherwise. After doing so I stay patient and pick my shots. I've been surprising well equipped and experienced players by doing this.
Then you've got 80% of it!

Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
I use the lower profile allowed by my rig to get in smaller spaces, snap shoot faster and tighter, and take wierd angles (I find myself shooting supine, forward prone, lupine, etc. way more often now).

I use the unique capabilities of the mag fed pistol to shoot from angles that most hoppers will not reliably feed.
I think that's the main purpose of what we call here the "pistolero": fast, sneaky and somehow crazy, he's the guy that brings some randomness.

Never where you'd expect him to be and always where you don't want him to be, he can be a fierce opponent, that many have underestimated.

his ability to rush a position before the "frontlines" are formed can be an awesome advantage for his team: a flag picked up, a VIP shot, an objective achieved before teams are engaged can be decisive!

Another use of this ability is to provide support for a "push": taking out a sniper or a machine gun position is way easier for the guy wielding 2 TiPXs than for that one with an A5, 50 rounds tac cap, remote 1.1L backpacked bottle, 5 pods and the whole heavy gear...
And tossing a smoke in an appropriate place can be quite helpfull!

If you're playing scenario, you can take the role of the medic, or the guy who runs to a wounded man and carry him to the medic.

that's all I have to say, for now...

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