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Originally Posted by Menace View Post

Carry out your plan if you like, but you may want to consider that, by doing this counter-culture thing, you are giving these guys way too much oxygen. Expending energy in the creation of some ultimate ironical comeback is likely wasted on you and them. For you, it's moments of your life that you can't get back, and for which, at the end of your life, you will have nothing to show. And for them, unless you paint a sign for them, it's almost certain they will have no earthly idea what you are doing, anyway.

Most importantly, going through all of this plotting and scheming and building, etc., means that in the truest sense you are allowing these guys to control how you think, and how you live off the field, and how you play on it, which is likely not what you want.

As noted by some others here already, probably the best medicine is to simply play your own game, shoot them out if you are able, and concentrate on improving your game if you aren't able.

Ultimate ironic comeback or waste of time call it what you will. If no one else got it. I would still think it way worth it to myself. But keep in mind your talking to someone who spent over 14 hours hand filing a solid brass rva for a kp project. A speaker pack will take a day or two to make it nice. Plus it's January in Canada what else is there to do? I was wondering if this had been done before seeing heinous's video shows it has. Properly implemented I think it would be hilarious. Yes instead of playing around the squads with a pump I think I'll take my autococker and attempt to play through them instead, preferably with a couple of volunteers.
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