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WTB T8 mag bottoms.

this is an odd thread Im sure.

To fill in the blanks. I painted the bottom of a few T8 mags. It didnt turn out how I wanted. I used some paint stripper on them and it dissolved part of the mag bottoms. so I just wrecked 4 unused T8 mags.

The rest of the mag is fine but I dont have the plastic bottoms now :-(.

Idk who would have any but if you do let me know(I ONLY NEED ONE(1) NOW) I know its an odd request but its what im after.

Not really looking for complete mags as I have a boat load of them. I just need the plastic bottom for the T8.0 mags. I cant seem to find them on any site so I now started a WTB thread for them.

let me know.
Thanks guys.
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