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Originally Posted by minimag03 View Post
I thought they just have a club and whistle . . . I'd never be a cop in the UK.
If my department wanted to take my Sig... they could have my shield as well.

Originally Posted by Melvin View Post
And what happens the first time they put one into someone's eye? Perp or bystander.
If it blinds the perp, who cares... and there's no such thing as a bystander at a riot. Anyone with half a brain would have left long before the cops got there.

Originally Posted by baader View Post
I always wonder when these things are used, especially pepperball etc., what if you chop a ball?
Take a wild guess...

Originally Posted by Cannon Fodder View Post
I suspect that the percentage of american police shot with their own guns is higher than the percentage of UK cops shot at all so maybe its not such a bad idea to be unarmed.
You said you've got cops having grenades thrown at them... WTF!? Anyone passive enough to just except that situation should not be in law enforcement, I don't care what country you live in.
30K cops in my dept and in 7yrs I've never heard of a cop being shot with their own weapon. We also have less than 15 gun fights a year in total. That's in a liberal city of 8 million. Cities with less gun restrictions see even less gun violence.

Originally Posted by bellicose View Post
It is so different in the US. My work used to have a resource police officer in building, carrying both a firearm and a taser. And this is just a small town high school. A few students have been tased...
"used to?"... budget cuts?
It's funny how if you tell people the school won't have a fire suppression, they'll loose their minds. Tell them there will be an armed guard... they'll loose their minds.
Modern schools are made of brick, steel and glass. Sure there could be a fire, but the chances of a serious fire are almost nonexistent. An armed guard reminds parents that there are monsters in this world that will kill their children... and they'd rather not think about it and just pretend it won't happen to them.

When it comes to these nonlethal fads... nothing beats a can of OC and an ASP. Spray'em, beat'em, cuff'em.
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