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Coldest Temperature you have ever experienced

Hi guys,

This morning i woke up in Edmonton Alberta to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) ... -43 C (-45.4 Fahrenheit) with wind chill. Warnings said exposed skin would be frostbitten within 10 minutes. I was just glad my car started, I hadn't plugged it in as forecast said-25 all yesterday.

I also work at the Running Room so we have 2 groups out tonight and I'm teaching a clinic out in tomorrow >.>

I've experienced a little closer to-48 C with wind before but I've always been told its not as bad as a wet cold (by people experiencing -5 at worst); the mountains make sure its dry enough to make your skin crack and bleed in winter.

What's the worst cold you've experienced and what's the coldest you've played in? I did -15 C once but it was a pain getting people out: we had 4.
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