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But it is a complete waste if you do not have video to capture all of the moments....cause so far the play list is awesome

On the OP part are going to run into people like that in every sport and more specifically every genre of paintball. You have your over the top tacticool dweebs just like you got your "I spent $2,000 on my Dye, we have a sponsor, and I can shoot ropes" type that you can find on the speedball courts as well.

I am just like "So what. Can you congratulate a player for getting you out or do you just get mad and claim it was a bounce?" "So what. Can you help a new player find the best position on the field and provide covering fire while they capture the flag or make the elimination?" or "So what...besides helping the sport economically, what are you doing to promote fair play, good sportsmanship, and an all around atmosphere that makes people want to come back?"

Don't get me wrong...I think the music aspect has a good way. And look forward to hearing of the exploits once you all dethaw up there.
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