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Airbrushing with HPA/CO2

Just wondering if anybody here has ever configured some of their constant air for use with an airbrush? Rather than buy a compressor specifically for airbrushing, I figured I might be able to make use of what I already own. I get free air fills anyways and I think 68/45 would last a good few sessions.

Realistically, I'd need to down-regulate from HP (850psi) or LP (450psi) to a usable 10-40psi output. Would a female stabilizer with the LP spring pack (300psi) be precise enough? It would be nice to slap on a guage to see the pressure, but not absolutely a must.

Perhaps an on/off with an LPR (Rock, Jackhammer, etc.) in place would act similarly?

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.
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