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I'd rather have the rubber knife wielding helmet wearing larper than the speedballers who bogs the wheelsgame down wwith his stupid Rof any day. But elitism no matter what clothing your wearing is a no no. Anyone who takes the game too seriously is already someone I won't talk to. Regardless if your wearing a jersey or a Molly rig. And just think of all that dumbass gear their wearing as an advantage for you. Personally I've long since given up trying to take the game a seriously or even as a sport. It's just a game to me. Which is very liberating because now I don't care if you wear your silly dynasty jersey or your 60 pnds of gear with camo that doesn't even match the blue pallet bunker your hiding in.

I mean there's plenty to complain about if you take the game too seriously so why bother. Maybe the dorky nerf rockets or the even dorkier "tanks". Aka camo painted golf cart or suburban or etc. Honestly I don't care anymore I just go out there and try to have fun. Sometimes I have to try harder than I'd want to.

But oh well. If nothing else those elitists you mentioned are always good for a laugh. Like when you see them at the end s of the day sweating buckets hauling around their supply of crap. Or how they can't properly tuck into a bunker with all their junk hindering them.

The best and worst thing about our game is all the personal interpretation that's available. It's cool cause it inspires variety but it's also not cool cause than you get people who take it too far. The only real crime is the person who take it too seriously.

My favorite player isthe guy rrunning around in a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of old blue jeans and some random gun of his liking. Sure he may or may not be an epic player. But he's fun and entertaining and chances are he's not gonna get in any bodies face
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