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It sounds to me like you've got the right of pistol play already. Exploiting your mobility and low profile is the key to offsetting your lower capacity. Find areas of your field that provide the sort of cover that allows you to exploit your advantages and control them. I like to close the distance to my target when I can't get a clean shot. Being close gives me opportunities to flank and bunker opponents. It's easier to exploit your snap shooting advantage when you close the distance and chose the angle too.

Armor works well with getting close to a player that shoots more volume than you. Pads are important when you're moving fast on uncertain footing with hard obstacles. I'm more decisive and aggressive when I'm padded up.

You'll need more water if you're running, consider a hydration bladder. You may fog more if your properly hydrated and sprinting off the break so make sure your goggles are up to the task. Visibility is crucial since you'll be shooting less and looking for opportunities more.
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