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This small entity team consists of 5 people, led by Grazi. (*YAWN*)
They are anti THING operatives.
Third Entity

Grazi and a small band of hand-picked players represent the Third Entity for this event. (Although it has been pointed out that these guys might be considered the 4th entity if THE THING is considered the third entity)

Their objective all day is to assist on missions and objectives, and help both teams with anything that involves containing, destroying, or killing THE THING. If points are involved in the process, fine. But missions that are not considered ANTI-THING related are of no interest to them.

Unlike normal third entities, these players are not swing teams and prefer to not engage in firefights with China nor America. (Although I can guess this won’t always be the case)

Unlike all other third entities in every other scenario game you ever played that switch sides throughout the day, or try to screw over both main sides…This crew wants to help both sides at all times.

They do not start the game with any points, props or with pulled flag stations. If they end up with any, it is only because they acquired it.

Third Entity guys are subject to the same stuff regular players are:
Infections, Inoculations, being shot and eliminated, shooting people sending them back to tag back in, hanging and pulling down your flags at flag stations, being tested, etc.

Here is a possible example of the third entity and how they might conduct themselves:

Grazi and his company of half wits might decide shooting Chinese players that are not inoculated from going near a flag station or a prop is a good idea, if there is an inoculated player from America that can get there instead.

They might consider the American, who is guaranteed human, a safer bet to touch that flag and grab that prop, than the Chinese player who may or may not be infected.

Another Possible Example:
Grazi and The Jets acquire two props that are used to help build a base testing unit. They hear America already has theirs up and running. China does not. They decide to give both props to China, to help get them a unit up and running, so China can now help weed out THE THING in their ranks.

These are examples. Grazi and the Blowfish might not see the above situations the same way.  Who knows? But they are honorable players and will seek to stop THE THING as their number 1 priority.

They only want to help inoculate players, contain the infection, test every player out there, and destroy THE THING. So if you read your missions, they are pretty clear as to whether Grazi and the E-Street Band will want to get involved, and how they will want to get involved.
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