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working my way through to catch up with Shinsekai Yori. If you like Psycho-Pass or deep animes, this is one to check out. Its not anywhere near as overtly violent but it has very dark undertones lurking just below a very civil surface. Very suspenseful, but don't expect psychic wars every episode, more dramatic and mysterious. It won't probably be an all time favorite, but I'll have to rewatch it a time or two.

Watched the current episodes of Hero & Demon Queen. I doubt I'll make it more thna another episode or two at this rate. interesting premise, boring execution.

Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun (not sure the english name yet) - watched to the current episode. Not great, but not bad. This is going to be one of those I'll probably watch to the end, but probably won't look back on once its done and miss.

Magi - I didn't want to like this, I won't say I do like this, but somehow I still watched to I think episode 12. I think I'll probably end there. Could have been interesting, sorta was, but: the animation felt off, the use of well known literary characters was offputting and I found I never really had any interest in the characters much. I felt like there were a lot of things this series could have done, but never actually delivered.

Hunter X Hunter. I enjoyed the original enough I went and read the manga. The remake is almost an exact clone of the original, even seems like the same animation? There are scenes that are significantly different though once you start going through, and not always for the better. I'll be honest, I haven't watched the whole thing, just a few of the later episodes in the 60's and up through the second exam from the start. I plan to go back and watch parts of it, but I don't know if i'll watch the whole thing straight through having seen the original.
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