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Audible Calls


This is their answer to the score winding up
like it did last year, 2000+ for the Allies and
200 for the Germans.

If for example they see Sword, Omaha and
Utah Beaches falling in less than 30 minutes,
with no sign that the Germans are capable of
retaking them, they'll issue Audible Orders to
the Allied TOC, directing them to send their
forces to secure some other objective, or risk
loosing points. Faced with this we'd have no
recourse but to do as directed. Key to being
able to respond as directed and still continue
with the original plan calls for highly mobile
units who are in direct contact with TOC, as
well as a number of other contingencies I'm
not going to go into.

Anyone have any questions, feel free to get
in touch with me.

Andy Van Der Plaats
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