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However, I would rather go to a crappier place for less money than a shiny new place and have to pay $150+ for paint. You guys must make more on average, but for the same price I can charter a boat and go deep sea fishing for the day, or jump out of an airplane at 13,000 feet, or scuba several days.
We sell paint at $160 case but I can't remember the last time we sold $160 worth of paint to one individual (unless he/she was buying for multiple players). So to compare a day of paintball at $150 for paint plus entry to other activities isn't fair. I can guarantee you that the fields mentioned in the Op's video selling paint at $170/case are also not selling $170 in paint to individual players. I can also tell you that paintball in Vancouver (where just about all the fields charge similar amounts) is doing very well. There is not a shortage of players.
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