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When I got back into the game I was considering clothing, and at one point was going to go with multicam. I nixed that idea when I discovered how heavy bdu's are, and how seriously some guys take the milsim stuff now. I've never had a problem with these guys personally, but I find the rigging humorous. I've always liked the vague incidental firearm look of Tippmann, but good grief, all you see in the picture thread now are 98s/A-5s/X7s crammed inside 5 pound milsim shrouds with another 5 pounds in accessories. Hey, whatever you like, whatever makes you happy, who am I to judge? I mean that sincerely.

Personally, I prefer my gear to be designed to play paintball, not to look more military.

I've never had an order barked at me, but I don't anticipate a positive response if anyone tries.

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