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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I've never had an order barked at me, but I don't anticipate a positive response if anyone tries.
My son and I had been holding the right side of a container village for about 20 minutes against more than six players on the left, right and center of the lane next to some heavy brush. I had a window and contained the lane while my son was picking them out of the brush and near left bunker. As we shot one out, they were filling in.

Our general walks up from the base with about 15 squadies and says "we're attacking this side! Let's go! Now!" We're trying to point out where the opposition was, but got ignored. They ran straight down that lane, blocking our shots as well. I think they got two of the opposition. They probably could have attacked from the brush and cleaned them all, but it was a good show.
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