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Help with PayPal Dispute / Phantom Leak

Hey all,

I need your help today. At the end of December, I sold a Phantom here to a blue member. It left my hands in working condition - no leaks or problems. This past Saturday, the buyer contacted me stating that the Phantom leaked from the two holes atop the valve body when he attempted to go play with it the other day. I thought, well, okay, fine, maybe something happened in shipping it.

So, I began to walk through troubleshooting steps with him to try and fix it. Last contact I made with him was me sending him a PM, instructing him to take apart the valve (which he more or less already has done - more on that later) and clean / lube everything, swap cupseals with the extra one that was supplied with the sale, etc. He hasn't logged on since.

Anyway, I find last night that earlier in the day he had filed a PayPal dispute, claiming the item was significantly different than stated and he filied for a $30 refund. Now, on top of the $30 being a rather HUGE sum for this problem (you can buy a parts kit for $15), I'm miffed because he made no mention of it to me here in PM's, and also because it did leave my hands without the leak - and I believe he is doing this because he feels he paid more than he wished for the marker. And of course, PayPal put the transaction amount on hold, so now I have $200 not available to me.

Oh, and just yesterday he listed the majority of the parts he bought off me (including the supposedly leaking valve body - and didn't mention anything about it leaking in the sale post) for sale here. So any attempts to troubleshoot it with him will be moot.

Does anyone know if this leak is even feasible / what would cause it? The marker does have a Stabilizer equipped - would the pressure being too low cause such a thing? If I can somehow suggest that this leak was user error on his part, it might help me I suppose. But that said, it may not matter-

So, my question is more-or-less, how should I proceed?

Now, I haven't yet responded in the PayPal claim. I can either:

1.) Meet the demands of his dispute, and I'm out $30 for something that as far as I'm concerned, isn't my fault at all.

2.) Fight the dispute, and hope to win in a manner of ways:
-2a. Offer a different refund amount to make him happy
-2b. Deny the refund request but attempt to keep communicating with him and somehow resolve it with him, which is probably unlikely
-2c. Escalate the dispute to a PayPal claim and hope to keep all of my money, but I don't know if I can win this - any experience of sellers here?

I could care less about "winning or losing", I just want to keep as much of my money as possible. Does anyone here have experience with this process, and have any advice on how I should proceed? I don't know if I should just hedge my bets, give him the money he wants, and call it a "lost the battle but won the war" or what. That, and I would like access to the money that PayPal has so kindly taken out of my account at this time. I'd rather not have a situation where PayPal steps in and refunds his money and instructs him to send the marker back to me, just to end up with no marker and no money.

Well, thanks for the help for now, and I will update here with any news. I appreciate your input as I get stressed about this stuff fairly easily and hate having this crap hanging over my head. Thanks all.
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