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Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Tell him you'd gladly offer him a full refund for return of the gun. It's basically the "not as advertised" clause. If it's not as advertised the buyer can return the item for a refund. He cannot demand you send money back for parts he bought on his own.

I'd also call paypal and explain the situation immediately. He CANNOT file a dispute then start selling the items under dispute.
This is why on ebay it's clearly stated that paintball items in about 99% of cases are sold AS-IS and it's spelled out so that the buyer can't use that not as advertised clause. I figure same here. Not saying **** doesn't happen but tbh it's a phantom for god sake. It's the simplest marker on the market. has literally 2 orings and a couple seals and that's it. If you can't tech a phantom you should hang up your mask in shame AFAIC. Basically if it were an older more complex marker that not everyone would know how it operates I could see this stuff being more common but a phantom? COME O?N!. With that said I will admit I have sold markers that leaked but it was known to the buyer they did. Heck my old longbow mag did for no apparent reason. Worked fine at home then I put a tank on it at the field and it leaks. I ended up trading it to ratzo he rebuilt the entire valve with all new seals and rings and it STILL to this day will not work in any marker he's ever tried it in. We're both stumped on that one haha.

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