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Originally Posted by Bloop View Post
I guess somepeople enjoy going through attatching non-marker specific parts to a marker and making it look nice, as how we like rebuilding older markers, and a getting all the parts for em, ect.
Oh, absolutely. I've only had positive experiences with milsimmers, I just don't get their equipment choices. But who's to say a 10 lb high ROF gun is an inferior choice vs. 10 balls and no weight in a Phantom?

Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
Just so long as you don't go pew pew pew as you shoot it
That is the ONLY acceptable way to play mil sim.
Originally Posted by Bigtuana View Post
1. Do not use the Wally Lama's name in vain.
2. Do not put any airsmith before the WALZ
3. Do not covet thy neighbors brass
4. Give a lot of cool **** to cool people for free
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I stumbled in here looking for autococker/pump advise [sic] and being FLAMED OUT MY A$$ on PBN.
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