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Pod Pack Recommendation

I am looking for a new Pod Pack but they all seam to be the same. They all have that ejection system and they dont appear to be friendly to those that want to reinsert their pods after use. I play only woodsball/scenario and currently have an old Spec Ops 4 vertical pod harness. The problem it has is that it is not very padded and my back is in pain after a few hours of wear.

Here are my main concerns;

1. Must have great padding and be comfortable.
2. I must be able to put my pods back in the slots.
3. Im skinny so a 3 pod plus the little sleeves is best.
4. I wear Multicam so no bright colors (All black is fine)

Let me know what you guys reccomend. I was looking at the Empire fast pack and the Critical Stealth. Price is not a concern, because I need something to save my back!
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