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Originally Posted by Mootho View Post
I used a Ninja SHP reg set at 1150ish for an RT Automag... It would sing, but burned through air fast.
Yep. I got one of these from PPSgear on eBay, and it is basically the exact same thing as the Ninja version. I highly recommend it with few or no reservations.

Only differences that I can tell are that it has only one o-ring vs. the double on the Ninja, and that it is made in China.

But I find that the single o-ring makes it even faster and easier to screw into the ASA, and for me, time is money. When I'm playing tournaments I need to have equipment I can trust, equipment that is going to get me on the field fast, and do its job right. Those few seconds can matter.

Also, China is a big exporter with rigorous quality control standards and they wouldn't make something as potentially dangerous as a high pressure tank reg without the absolute best materials and manufacturing standards.

Also, the price is what did it for me. Why pay $50-$60 for a reg made from a virtually unknown and dubious American company like 'Ninja' when for $19 you can have the satisfaction of owning a product made by a well-known and trusted Chinese entity like PPSgear?

Really, only a silly person would not make the right choice here.

Disclaimer: In case it was not immediately evident, nearly every word of the above is false. In other words, I was being completely sarcastic. I would never willingly use one of these cheap PPS regs, even if it were free. I value the safety of my person, and my equipment, far too much for that. If you think buying one of these Chinese regs is a good idea, then probably you are the type of person who thinks playing Russian roulette with six in the cylinder is a safe bet. Good luck with that, and good luck with this if you are foolish enough to purchase. Carry on.
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