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RE: Help with PayPal Dispute / Phantom Leak

Hi all,

i only recently found out about the essay Yomillio wrote. I hate to take part
in petty arguments, but i would like to say a few things in my defense:

1. i was sold a faulty marker that was misrepresented as working perfectly.

2. i filed a dispute to protect myself. I have no idea it would lead to an account freeze, thought it would only happen if it were escalated to a claim. I only just found out when i read his essay.

3. I did pm Yomillio about the paypal dispute i filed. While i waited for his reply, he came up with the essay that misrepresented certain facts.

4. If i did not take the phantom apart, how was i gonna fix it? I thought i fixed it initially when i managed to replaced the orings, but the leak was still there. I have spent a few days trying to figure out where the leak is, but im still stuck. Theres a hissing sound that seems to come from within the air adapter group whenever i air it up, so i thought it was leaking from the sight rail holes.

5. I admit that i made a mistake not posting about the leak in my sales thread.

*Yomillio, i am sorry if i have offended you in any way, but i do not appreciate you going behind my back like this without discussing with me first.

let me know what you guys think. i will resolve the paypal case right away if you guys think i am at fault.
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