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Hey Folks...we are signed up and have our deposit in for this. I have a ton of forms from Giant Sports and I'll get a consolidated and updated list of folks in terms of head count. Some good news...if you have your own 12 grams and DON'T need all day air you don't have to pay for it and you can just pay for entry. So some people had wanted to know that and I just confirmed. Start thinking about whether you need rental equipment or not for you or your guests and when I post up the current head count we'll start getting those numbers as well. I'm going to try to setup ticket sales via Paypal through the Meetup Group sites but if not that then just paypal directly...multitasking here while trying to keep my day job ;-) More to come!

If you need links to the meetup sites again they are here:

LA Meetup Group
The Los Angeles Paintball Meetup Group (Los Angeles, CA) - Meetup

OC Meetup Group
Orange County Casual Paintball (Costa Mesa, CA) - Meetup

My last head count was close to 50 so if we hit 60 Giant will kick in with more discounts and bonuses. They can also extend some deals on paint. Depending on how much you need for yourself or your guests you might just want to buy by the bag at your local store to get the best paint without having to buy a case.

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