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Whiskey Two-Four Pump/Stock Class Soft Goods PRICES REDUCED (x2)

Making room for some new gear, so I’m selling some pump/stock related soft goods. Points of interest right off the bat: prices do not include shipping, and all MOLLE gear comes with MALICE clips, with the exception of the OD zipper pouch, which has velcro straps attached.

First up is a Condor MCR3 MOLLE chest rig in OD. Used but in great shape, and surprisingly well made for the price. I also have a Whiskey Two-Four universal stock class tube panel in OD, which occupies six columns and holds nine tubes. Lastly in this bunch is a small OD zipper pouch. It had some interior compartmentalization, but it’s small, so I cut out the partition so my keys could fit.
MCR3: $20 SOLD
WTF stock class panel: $30 PRICE DROP $25 SOLD
OD pouch: $10

Next are a few items in flecktarn from WTF. There’s a 100-round pod panel, which holds four pods and covers seven columns, a ten-round tube panel, which holds five tubes and covers three columns, and a nalgene/water bottle/utility zipper pouch (this), which attaches to two adjacent columns, but is a little wider because it’s round.
100-round pod panel: $30 PRICE DROP $25 SOLD
10-round tube panel: $15 PRICE DROP $10 SOLD
nalgene pouch: $30 PRICE DROP $25 PRICE DROP $20

As I said, prices do not include shipping. As I have yet to say, feel free to make me offers, and I'm happy to give discounts on multiple items taken together. Paypal or money orders are accepted. If you have an questions, don’t hesitate to post or PM. Thanks for looking.
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