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Wait, what?
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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
I vote Camp P

surprising<----------------------------------------------------||->not surprising

More like:
surprising<------------------------------------------------------->not surprising ||

Originally Posted by ScreamingCricket View Post
Well it looks like I'll be out of the country then. Oh well, next time!

And of course lechooch has decided to show up. I've almost forgotten what he looks like.
Well, deciding and actually showing are sorta different, lol.

Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
I think he's got jet black hair.... Lol jk. Aw man I dunno when I get out again. It's gotta be Saturdays for though.

Hope to meet ya sometime larson
Sorry sir, Saturday cuts out pk5 and Sunday cuts out you. I've never done a Sunday game so consider this the rare occasion, I guess,

Originally Posted by Sean_Chip View Post
I know that John (Practice Target) is trying to put together an AO South outing sometime in March.

Details can be found here:

AO SoCal. . . . .any interest in an AO day in the southland?
Anyone on AO want to ping them?

Originally Posted by stimpy View Post
CP or JI is the way to go
It sounds like CP is the winner this time?
Originally Posted by Hooligan
I found a way to make a sabot for a twinkie. The other tanks smell like banana cream filling now.
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