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Installing rams with qevs, an lpc, and certain lprs on certain front blocks can be a logistical nightmare at first if not planned out correctly. I've done that set up a few times, and tonight actually. Starting with an empty front block, I install the 3 way first. I don't thread the 3 way all the way in and leave some length so I have extra room to time the cocker. I thread it in about 90%.

I then pre attach extra long pneumatic hoses on the qevs and the lpr before mounting them on the front block. I mount the ram with qevs and pump arm after the 3 way. The hosing is already attached for easy install, so mount the ram with the qevs out of the way.

I finally mount the lpr so that the hose fitting clears the lpc, and the hose is already in place on the lpr fitting. The hoses may need to be moved/bent to clear the ram/lpr as you turn them.

I screw in the lpc last and then attach all hoses to the 3 way. I'll post pics of my set ups later today when I get home from work.
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