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Just to show my heart is where my mouth is
here's a German post for those who prefer Red
to Blue.

Ladies and Gents, It is that time of year when folks begin to plan
their paintball season for the upcoming year. There are lots of
tournament and scenario options out there, but there is one option
that rises above all the rest. There is only option that lets you play
with thousands of other players. There is only one option where some
of the biggest names in the paintball industry set up shop. There is
only one option that offers an entire week of some of the most intense
paintball you will ever play. There is only option that plays itself out
on a 1000 acre field with some of the most epic battles you will ever
experience. There is only one OKLAHOMA D-DAY!

If you are able to make it to Wyandotte for the biggest scenario in
paintball then let me be the first to say WELCOME. You're guranteed
to have the absolute time of your life. However, you probably have a
lot of questions those questions probably begin with 'What side and
unit should I play for?'. Let me suggest...err...encourage you to play
on the German side with the 914th Grenadier Infantrie.

Here's why:-With the 914th, you'll be playing heavily out-manned
(plenty of targets!) and with your back against the wall.

-You'll be responsible for containing the enemy horde in what we
affectionately call the 'Valley of Death' and boy does it earn its

-You'll be fighting in the shade provided by the tree canopy and the
paint flying over head!

-The 914th is involved in some of the most brutal battles at
Oklahoma D-Day.

-The 914th is led by experienced leadership who know and
understand how to play the 'Valley Of Death.'

-The 914th is a close-knit group that looks out for each other.
Why do players keep coming back to the 914th year after year? It's
the brotherhood of paint forged at the unit camp site and tested on
the field of paint.

-The 914th will welcome you with open arms and make you an
integral part of a unit that is critical to the German war plan.

There are 101+ reasons to join the 914th GIR. If you have any questions
at all then please feel free to contact me, and I will answer any
questions you may have.

Here's a link to our Facebook page where we invite you to come to
learn more -

See you in the middle!

914th GIR

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