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Originally Posted by HeroForADay View Post
That's exactly what they used to do, and Ivan tell you that the entire local community had a good laugh. They used to flat out refuse to take the field with any "speedballer", which by their definition was ANYONE not dressed completely like them.

Weren't wearing BDUs? But had a "speedball" jersey? Nope
Shooting anything that ruined "immersion"? - nope (this was basically anything not rap4, milsig or tippmann).

So now they have their own little field, and while it made it easier for us to deal with. They still won't come out to any field that isn't there's, and you're not allowed out on theirs unless you dress like them. It's a ****ing joke. In reality, they don't even play paintball, they drill... But it's military drills. It's very strange.

I said good riddance. Lol
I don't see the problem.

They want to play a different way then you do and they do not want to play with you.

You want to play a different way then they do and don't want to play with them

They play somewhere else than you do so you don't have to deal with one another.

Just not seeing an issue. At this point paintball is paintball and they are not in any way harming you by playing the game they want to play.
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