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There's nothing trivial about less-lethal weapons. They're just one stop on the "Use of Force Continuum" and yes, once in a blue moon someone dies because of them. Your odds of surviving a taser shot, or some pepper spray are a lot better than with a bullet. So take your pick. Because without them it goes from knuckles to batons and ends with gunfire. Adding a step in there somewhere is the humane thing to do, because doing nothing isn't an option.

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Hey there now. Thats not true. Remember the Vancouver Stanley cup riots? More than half the people there were not rioters. It was trouble makers/d-bags mixed in with peaceful folks who were there just for the game. I knew quite a few people who were there and were pretty dam scared when people started to get violent and there wasnt anywhere to escape to. Similar to the g20 summits in Toronto. There were a lot of peaceful demonstrations that were crashed and transformed by troublemakers into "riots".
Alright, maybe I was a bit over the top... and riots over hockey just sound silly. That being said, the "riot," no matter how it started, still needs to be addressed. Sadly, good people can, and probably will get hurt. Like I said above, doing nothing isn't an option. Police can't wait on the sidelines until the field is clear of "peaceful demonstrators" while the anarchists tear sh*t up.
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