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Pump = Precision, Refinement, and Simplicity

Pump provides you a viable means of having a marker MADE IN USA.

Batteries were made for flashlights and, well you can figure that out.

MADE IN USA is a BIG DEAL. If you like the simplicity of Nelson you have CCI Phantom. If you like Sheridan you can can go CCM. If you are a Speed Baller you may like the Bob Long MVP and lastly if you want American Made and Tonka tough you can get the Tippmann SL-68.

I own a CCI Phantom, CCM S6 and an Empire Trracer. I love all 3. I do not like the fact that the Trracer is not made here.

Eventually I add an MVP to my quiver to have one of each American Made Pump.

Either way whether you go Bob Long, CCI, CCM, of Tippmann, you can keep the sport American - get a APP Hopper and couple of APP Pods, a Paintball Mafia barrel sock and do some active shopping for clothing and you can help keep American Families and Small Business Working.

The other side - you buy a bag of 500 balls and run all weekend. If you are blowing through more than that - well I guess you need time on the target range. That combined with an 11ci tank - I can play 4-5 games on one tank and one hopper of 120.

My rig with an 11ci never needs batteries, never fails, and is a lot lighter than all the other rigs on the field.

Lastly a pump can last nearly forever. I don't see too many 5 year old electros in use. But a pump is timeless.

Like Mikey and Life - Try it, you'll like it!

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