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Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
A National Tournament in the mid-eighties was decided on just such incident.
-Similarly, there was an article in an early magazine (I think Paintcheck) that talked about how "modern" rules had come about. One example they gave was a big tournament (this being back in the 10-round tube and Bushmaster pump days) where one team noted that the rules explicitly said that a mark anywhere on a player or his equipment counted as an 'out'.

Their first game, they ran around shooting the other team's discarded tubes, then telling the refs to pull that player.

And it worked. While the refs agreed that was an unnecessary "letter of the law" situation, according to the rules it counted.

At most of the fields I've played at, the general consensus is that any equipment you leave behind, be it a pod or marker, is "abandoned" and can't be picked back up 'til the end of the game. You're welcome to set your marker down and make a banzai run for the flag, but if you don't make it (and aren't eliminated) you can't go back for it.

The local tourney rules have it so if a pod is dropped, if it's hit after being dropped/abandoned, if a player then picks it up, he's automatically eliminated.

For the rec players, one of the common things for a brand-new player to say is that he'll just pick up a bunker (small pallet, piece of plywood, etc.) and run, using it as a shield. We usually tell 'im "you're welcome to do that, if you want, but once you pick it up it becomes part of your equipment. So as soon as somebody shoots it again, you're out."

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