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Me? Old School?

Today was my first day at the field with the BKO that I picked up here a few weeks back. Just a stock '04 with a Revy perched on top. First of all, it shot BEAUTIFULLY. Absolutely loved playing with it.

But it was kind of funny, at least to me; I had a ton of people commenting on my cool "old school" gun. Maybe it's just that I've been playing for 13 years and pumped a majority of that, but it just seemed odd to think of an electro of any type, even a 9 year old one, as "old school". I mean, old school is pump guns, Mags, Cockers...maybe the very first Shockers and stuff like that. Heck, I'd think that anything made in 2000 or after would be too new to fall into that category.

No real point to the thread...just kind of rambling. But I guess to keep things interesting, I'll just ask what you consider to be "old school" gear.
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