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Siler Trigger frames will come shipped and packaged
complete with everything. ANIB, it's the same condition
the design/creator intended it to be in, when presented
to those lucky, soon-to-be owners of a Siler slider
autococker trigger frame. The wedge to use standard
bottomline air source adapters is included.

Two or three open spots on original order for the first of
two batches of ten. This first ten will only be for people who were
happy with a black anodized kit. Only three people have
let me know they're okay with the black. That means there
are seven open spaces for the first ten sold.

For those of you on the list and/or keeping an eye on this thread,
please let me know if you prefer black or raw. There are seven
more kits waiting for their new homes.

Once I hear more about delivery method/payment I'll update this
thread. Along with instructions. Tomorrow I'll probably send
messages to folks asking for their preference. I will also contact
the two or three of you who didn't make the first call for twenty
that, since some have left the order, you'll have that opportunity.

I updated the order list. I still have to figure out those two or three
replacements, probably tomorrow or Monday. If you're somewhere
you didn't want to be/should be on the list, let me know. And on we

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